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Welcome to Backstage Attire, your one-stop shop for band and music artist gear. You can make purchases directly from our site via PAYPAL-it's easy, fast and secure. Simply click the "Add to Cart" button on any product you want and easy-to-use instructions will follow. If you prefer to order by mail, there's a link to the left explaining how to do that as well.

All of our product prices include shipping. There are no hidden fees. The price listed is the price you'll pay-total. The links to our products are on the left and are very easy to use. Simply click on the category and you'll be taken to an alphabetical list of artists you can choose from. We are updating these links daily.

The prices of our products are less expensive here than on Ebay. We also have auctions on Ebay where we are Powersellers in good standing. There is a link to our ebay store on the left. If you're more comfortable with ebay auctions and see a product here that we don't have an auction for, just email us. We'll create an auction specifically for you and email you the link.